April 15: William McDonough Inspires Eco-Style Industry

On April 15, the Council of Fashion Designers of America in New York will be hosting “An Inspirational Morning”, that will feature innovative sustainable designer, William McDonough. The event appropriately titled, “Beyond Sustainability: Designing For Abundance”, will include a presentation from William McDonough, concerning the world of sustainable design and its significance to the future of fashion.

Aficionado of the stylish eco movement, and founder of EcoFabulous.com, Zem Joaquin, has been a long time supporter of William McDonough. Joaquin’s passion for eco design began after realizing toxins found in her home caused her children’s asthma.  Joaquin describes in her interview with Haute Living:

I took everything away, and finally I realized it had to be toxins in the house, so I started doing massive research. I read every book I could read, read all the LEED books, and did everything I could do. I ended up designing an eco friendly house.

From this point, Joaquin worked to become a distinguished member of the eco industry, by educating herself and others on the benefits of eco design. Several companies, including eBay Inc., have approached Joaquin for input in pursuing eco-conscious solutions.

Mentored by Cradle to Cradle Institute founder William McDonough, Joaquin has worked with McDonough on a new eco certification.  Joaquin also serves as a board member of the Cradle to Cradle Product Innovation Institute.  The team shares a passion for using their creativity to design spaces for other people.  Moreover, both Joaquin and McDonough are invested in education others on how to adopt more eco-conscious solutions, including Cradle to Cradle design, both in businesses and in the home.

Read the full interview, “Eco Fabulous by Design: Zem Joaquin” on Haute Living.