The Architect of the Circular Economy: Meet William McDonough at Greenbuild

Join William McDonough, FAIA, Int. FRIBA, at the Greenbuild International Conference and Expo in Boston next week where he will lend his expertise on Cradle to Cradle® design for the Circular Economy at multiple events during the world’s largest conference and expo dedicated to green building.


William McDonough at Greenbuild 2017


To kickoff the pre-conference show, William will deliver an opening talk at Built Positive: Exploring Buildings as Material Banks. This full day workshop on November 7 will explore what’s next with the circular economy, which values materials and products that are not only safe, but can be intelligently cycled and designed into buildings in ways that can be reused, disassembled and recovered, creating value through multiple use and reuse cycles. Register today to reserve your spot for this unique gathering.

There are plenty more opportunities to meet William at Greenbuild this year in case you can’t make the workshop on Tuesday. Take a look at Bill’s full schedule below and mark your calendar. We look forward to seeing you in Boston!

  • Tuesday, November 7 at 8:30a (104B) — Design Positive: William McDonough will deliver an opening talk at Built Positive: Exploring Buildings as Material Banks, a pre-conference full day workshop focused on preparing sustainability thought leaders for what’s next with designing for the circular economy.
  • Tuesday, November 7 at 4:00p (West Ballroom) — Design for Good: To close out an inspirational day of summit sessions, William McDonough will speak to advancing sustainable communities through the Cradle to Cradle® mission of encouraging the creation of a wholly positive impact on the planet during this closing summit.
  • Tuesday, November 7 5:30 – 8p (Fraunhofer USA Center for Sustainable Energy Systems) Built Positive Reception: The Cradle to Cradle Products Innovation Institute is hosting an exclusive reception the evening before Greenbuild with William McDonough. Register today and join other materials-minded colleagues from across the Built Positive network.
  • Wednesday, November 8 at 10a (MBDC Booth 1717) — Buildings as Material Banks: What’s next for the circular economy? How can materials and products be designed into buildings in a way that can be reused, disassembled and recovered to extend value? Join William McDonough for a 15-minute introduction to this concept featuring Park 20|20, the Netherland’s first Cradle to Cradle-inspired development, as a case study and participate in an open Q&A session following the talk.
  • Wednesday, November 8 at 1:45p (Shaw Education Lab Booth L2055) — A Walk in the Garden, An Essay of Clues and the Butterfly Effect: William McDonough will talk about his inspirations and process in collaborating with Shaw Industries on three design collections. Seating is limited. Please RSVP here to reserve your spot.
  • Thursday, November 9 at 10a (MBDC Booth 1717) — Cradle to Cradle Goes Mainstream: In a recent surge of momentum, companies like Walmart and Home Depot are encouraging Cradle to Cradle®. Join William McDonough for a 15-minute overview of where Cradle to Cradle is headed and participate in an open Q&A session following the talk. MBDC chemists will be on-site to provide a fast-check of products interested in getting on the path to optimization.