McDonough-designed Meadow Farm House featured in the news



Meadow Farm House is an organic farm and residence maintained by locals who believe and support in the restoring of native ecology of meadow grasses and coastal live oaks. Meadow Farm is LEED Platinum-certified and was designed by William McDonough + Partners, William McDonough’s architecture firm.

Meadow Farm was recently featured in Inhabitat magazine as well as

The central home of the area, features pavilions with rolling rooftops made of solar panels and zinc. These rooftops echo wind patterns and waves as they emerge off of the Pacific Ocean. The energy-neutral residence was made to export energy while harvesting rainwater and graywater (any water drained from a household that is not waste water). Not only does the interior capture California’s tone and character, but it also accents local landscapes within the design. The designers went on to play with earthly color patterns to enhance the walls gentle curvature of the sites existing topography.

To learn more about the project, visit the William McDonough + Partners website here.

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