October 29: McDonough Keynotes 2015 Zero Waste Conference

Metro Vancouver’s 5th Annual Zero Waste Conference will be held on October 29.  William McDonough will be the opening keynote speaker, part of a segment titled: “Industrial Revolution: The Business Case for Zero Waste”.  Moderated by Brock Carlton, CEO, Federation of Canadian Municipalities, McDonough will layout the course for the next industrial revolution by urging businesses to embrace design focusing on values-based innovation and waste as a resource.

A global shift to a circular economy is the main objective in creating a future without waste. Staying away from a linear take-make-dispose model business professionals, policymakers and others have already been taking crucial steps to enable technologies, new business models and ideas to enhance this shift in the right direction. McDonough will speak about “eliminating the concept of waste” as a panel of experts will then respond with questions and comments.

The theme of this year’s event is “A Future Without Waste – Redefining Value, Building the Circular Economy ”.

For more details about the event go to zwc.ca.

Follow the event using the hashtag: #ZWC2015.