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Architecture and community design firm, and a pioneer in the sustainable design movement.

William McDonough + Partners executes a diverse international array of projects from our studio in Charlottesville, Virginia. Our Cradle to Cradle®-inspired buildings and communities embody enduring standards of design quality and economic, ecological, and social responsibility. We practice a positive, principled approach to design that draws inspiration from living systems and processes. At its heart, this unique approach celebrates the abundance of nature.

Current Work


ICEhouse Davos 2018

The ICEhouse™ is a temporary pavilion installed during the Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, to provide a place where people can meet and Innovate for the Circular Economy. January 2018 will mark the third time the ICEhouse has been constructed in Davos.

Learn more about ICEhouse on the William McDonough + Partners website. 


The Garden Factory for Hero MotoCorp

Utilizing the William McDonough Garden Factory™ Concept, Hero MotoCorp’s new factory in Neemrana, India, demonstrates how a manufacturing facility and workplace can be beneficial and healthful; as well as enhance the local economy by providing food production jobs.

Learn more about Hero’s Garden Factory on the William McDonough + Partners website.


Hero Global Center for Innovation and Technology (HGCIT)

The Hero Global Center for Innovation and Technology (opened March 2016) was designed to inspire creativity. It is a center of innovation, connecting people with nature while providing a lively, colorful atmosphere; a place where people can open their minds and reach beyond boundaries.

Learn more about HGCIT on the William McDonough + Partners website

The Valley at STP

The Valley at Schiphol Trade Park

William McDonough + Partners is master architect of the Valley at Schiphol Trade Park, the Netherlands’ national demonstration to the world of a practical and profitable transition towards a circular economy by showing and exporting Holland’s entrepreneurial leadership in sustainability, design, trade, agriculture and logistics.

Learn more about The Valley on the William McDonough + Partners website.


Park 20|20

William McDonough + Partners is the lead architect and master planner for Park 20|20, the first full service Cradle to Cradle® inspired working environment in The Netherlands. Located within a man-made cultural landscape of a Dutch polder (land reclaimed from the sea), the firm was engaged by Delta Development Group in 2007 to create a new model of sustainable development that implements the Cradle to Cradle philosophy holistically and at all scales—from the city to the molecule.

Learn more about Park 20|20 on the William McDonough + Partners website.



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