VIDEO: William McDonough at the World Economic Forum in China

This week is the Annual Meeting of the New Champions, an event of the World Economic Forum.

William McDonough is serving as Chair of the Meta Council on the Circular Economy for the World Economic Forum (the Forum); as chair, and working with vice chair Ellen MacArthur, McDonough is leading a global conversation on circular economy principles and practice. 

William McDonough and special guest Mark Herrema, CEO of Newlight Technologies, delivered a key speech, “Resource Abundance By Design,” at the eighth Annual Meeting of the New Champions, convened by the World Economic Forum:

More information here: Annual Meeting of the New Champions.

At the same meeting, he will kick off the Mayor’s Session: Smart Technlogies for Tomorrow’s Cities and lead discussions (1:30-3pm on Thursday, September 11). He will also be a raconteur (10am on Thursday) at the session exploring The Future of Urban Development Initiatives: Learning from China and Moving Ahead.

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