William McDonough Featured Presenter in Butterfly Effect Webinar



The McMorrow Reports recently hosted a webinar featuring The Butterfly Effect flooring, designed in collaboration between William McDonough and Patcraft to demonstrate how a product—carpet—can be part of a positive path toward a healthier world. Sponsored by Patcraft, William McDonough, co-founder of Cradle to Cradle design, was one of the featured presenters.  Other presenters included: Pamela Rainey, Patcraft Creative Director; Steve Munn, St. Jude’s Project Manager Department of Design; Elizabeth West, McMorrow Reports Webinar Director.  The education program also included a live Q&A session with the panel of presenters.

William McDonough stated, “The Butterfly Effect describes the notion in chaos theory that something as small as a butterfly flapping its wings in China can yield something as significant as a hurricane off the coast of Africa. As designers, we like our work to be connected to bigger ideas.”

The webinar aims to inspire innovative designer and thinkers on:

  • Innovative flooring and design opportunities for corporate and healthcare applications
  • Cradle to Cradle principles that point to endless resourcefulness
  • Zero-impact carpet production, installation, use and maintenance
  • A partnership rooted in environmental and social responsibility