William McDonough Leads Discussion at Fortune Brainstorm GREEN Conference



Premier conference Fortune Brainstorm GREEN, has invited sustainable designer and architect William McDonough, to join Sustainable Solutions as a discussion leader.  The May conference will offer opportunities for industry experts, business executives, and investors to collaborate on strategies and ideas to take sustainability to the next level.  The interactive conference sessions aim to inspire innovative thinking and establish actionable solutions. Interested individuals are encouraged to follow William McDonough on Twitter for updates as, the Fortune Brainstorm GREEN conference approaches.

The theme of the conference aligns with McDonough’s belief that taking small steps toward sustainability is not enough.  As he points out, “Doing less bad is not enough to make positive change. While we are doing less bad, we also need to be working toward doing more good—working toward continuous improvement, innovation, and abundance for all. We need both.” William McDonough explains in an interview with Forbes:

“To those that are focused on efficiency, he says, “We never say they are doing something wrong. We say they are not using commerce effectively, because commerce gives them much bigger opportunities for innovation, market generation, and revenue creation.  When a company tells me they have increased their efficiency…by reducing their impact, you are still honoring the idea that impact is acceptable and waste is acceptable. What if we could eliminate the concept of waste?”

The 2014 conference will take place May 19-21 in Laguna Niguel, California.

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