William McDonough visits his recently completed factory in India



William McDonough was in India this week visiting the recently completed Garden FactoryTM and Global Parts Center for Hero MotoCorp. Designed by Mr. McDonough and his architecture firm, William McDonough + Partners, the factory’s features include:

Hero MotoCorp's Neemrana Factory Rooftop ©2015 William McDonough
Hero MotoCorp’s Neemrana Factory Rooftop ©2015 William McDonough
  • rooftop greenhouses producing food for employees and, eventually, the surrounding community;
  • interior biowalls producing oxygen and clean filtered air for employees;
  • skylights and eye-level windows – a significant factor in increased productivity (sunlight replaces electrical lighting during many work hours);
  • materials that are either Cradle to Cradle CertifiedTM or that have been evaluated according to Cradle to CradleR design protocols; and
  • optimized energy systems including on-site renewable energy harvesting through photovoltaic panels and vegetated roof surfaces, between the greenhouses, capturing rainwater and shading the roof from the sun (this provides a 20% reduction in air conditioning requirements)

To learn more about this project, please visit William McDonough + Partners.