William McDonough collaborates with Starbucks on ‘Resource Positive’ goal

Starbucks recently announced its commitment to a resource positive future. William McDonough is leading his Cradle to Cradle Circular Economy team in the fields of corporate strategy, architecture, and product design and certification to assist Starbucks in articulating and achieving its goals. 

Starbucks CEO Kevin Johnson spoke about their ambitions on CNBC, including their collaboration with McDonough. 

“I am inspired by Starbucks’ resource positive goals because commerce is the engine of change and these goals allow us, with constant humility, to create authentic Environmental, Social and Governance value,” said McDonough. “These goals also encourage us to innovate toward the dream of Cradle to Cradle: A delightfully diverse, safe, healthy and just world, with clean air, water, soil and power – economically, equitably, ecologically and elegantly enjoyed. Imagine…have a cup of coffee and the world gets a little bit better.”

Publications such as GreenBiz, The Hill and The Wall Street Journal also celebrated the announcement. 

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