William McDonough invited to give G20 opening speeches on Circular Carbon Economy

William McDonough is speaking at several G20 workshops this week on the potential for a Circular Carbon Economy (CCE) to serve as the framework for developing and organizing effective systems for carbon management.

The CCE concept provides a shared language for talking about carbon — a positive, constructive language that builds upon McDonough’s New Language of Carbon. Based on Cradle to Cradle Design™, this new language recognizes carbon’s multiple forms and benefits and defines positive ways in which carbon can be used safely, productively and profitably.

McDonough is collaborating on using the CCE to organize coherent systems for carbon management on multiple scales, from the local and regional to the national and planetary. His G20 speeches focus on technology and innovation, climate stewardship in key sectors, and innovation in the energy sector.

The discussions are part of the G20 Presidency’s Agenda – Safeguarding the Planet “by fostering collective efforts to protect our global commons.” These workshops are some of numerous meetings and conferences leading up to the G20 Leaders’ Summit in November 2020.

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