William McDonough Showcases the Cradle to Cradle Circular Economy and Circular Carbon Economy at COP 25

Topics to be addressed include Circular Economy in the context of climate mitigation, buildings and cities, and the Circular Carbon Economy

William McDonough will attend COP 25 in Madrid to bring awareness of the importance of implementing a safe and healthy Circular Economy across industries and at multiple scales. The United Nations invited McDonough to contribute to several events on the Circular Economy’s role in changing the way we design and build as well as combat climate change. 

McDonough will also join Professor Carlos Duarte on stage at the BBVA Foundation to discuss “Can a Circular Carbon Economy Be the Solution to the Climate Crisis?” The session will explore the concept and benefits of a Circular Carbon Economy, a Circular Economy which recognizes the importance of reusing, recycling, recovering and – importantly – removing carbon-containing materials from our environment. McDonough will discuss a New Language of Carbon, first published in the journal Nature as Carbon Is Not The Enemy, as how it may serve as a foundation for the Circular Carbon Economy.

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