William McDonough Takes on Advisory Role in Circulate Capital’s Ocean Plastic Efforts

William McDonough is honored to be advising Circulate Capital, an impact-focused investment management firm dedicated to financing innovation, companies and infrastructure, in their mission to prevent the flow of waste into the world’s oceans while advancing the circular economy.

“As a global leader on sustainable development who wrote the book on the circular economy, William McDonough will be invaluable in guiding Circulate Capital and we look forward to co-developing collaborations as we scale strategies to solve the problem of ocean pollution,” said Rob Kaplan, CEO and Founder of Circulate Capital.

To address the root cause of plastic pollution, Circulate Capital is working to build the market for investors to finance integrated waste and recycling management. McDonough will provide counsel as they support companies and projects which focus on waste management and recycling in emerging markets and are embodying McDonough’s Five Goods approach.

“I am delighted to advise Circulate Capital in its mission to support Cradle to Cradle-inspired circular economy innovations to eliminate fugitive plastic pollution in our oceans by design,” said William McDonough, Chief Executive of McDonough Innovation.

Other advisors include Ron Gonen (Co-Founder and CEO, Closed Loop Partners), Jenna Jambeck (Associate Professor, The University of Georgia School of Engineering), Janes Searles Jones (CEO, The Ocean Conservancy), Martin Stuchtey (Founder and Managing Partner, SysteLQ), Kristian Teleki (Director, Sustainable Ocean Initiative) and Adam Wolfensohn (Co-Managing Partner, Encourage Capital). McDonough joins these experts to support Circulate Capital’s goal of removing access to capital as a barrier to the development of waste management and recycling infrastructure and supporting innovative solutions to the problem of ocean plastics.

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