William McDonough interviewed by Bill Nye on Cradle to Cradle Design™

William McDonough, co-author of Cradle to Cradle: Remaking The Way We Make Things and pioneer of the Circular Economy concept, was recently interviewed by Bill Nye for his Science Rules! podcast. During the episode, Nye and his co-host Corey S. Powell asked McDonough about his diverse areas of focus, including product chemistry, plastics and packaging, and architecture. 

McDonough spoke about the Circular Economy and also shared his recent work developing and articulating the concept of a Circular Carbon Economy which is built upon the Cradle to Cradle Design™ framework and McDonough’s New Language of Carbon, originally published in the journal Nature as “Carbon Is Not The Enemy.”  

The conversation closed with Nye saying that William’s Cradle to Cradle Design Framework was “the key to the future.”

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